Santurri, Ltd. can provide custom and repair services for most pistols and long guns. We specialize in 1911 style firearms and listed below are some of the common services performed on 1911 and various other pistols and revolvers. We also perform most services on long guns of all types.  Due to the nature of full house customs pistols, customers should call and discuss their needs and uses for the pistol. Custom pistols can range from mild to wild so let our experience guide you in making the right choices. Please call for pricing. There are many quality parts on the market that can range in price and availability. Let us calculate a quote to your specific project.

.David Santurri


Sight Work

  • Bo-Mar rear sight
  • Novak low mount rear sight
  • Dovetail front sight
  • Stake on front sight
  • Heinie, Wichita, Trijicon, etc.
  • Various fiber optic sights
  • Optical sights (red dots, scopes, mounts)

Slide work

  • Tighten Slide
  • Flatten top of slide
  • Flatten and serrate top of slide
  • Serrate top of slide to match radius
  • Serrate rear of slide
  • Checker rear of slide
  • Lighten slide for faster cycle rate
  • Tune extractor 
  • Cocking serrations on front of slide

Frame Checkering

  • Checker front strap
  • Checker / Stipple front strap
  • Checker bottom of trigger guard
  • Checker front of trigger guard

Frame work

  • Soldered mag wells
  • Beveled and polished mag wells

Trigger work

  • Lightened pull
  • Pre-travel / Over-travel adjustments

Barrel work

  • 5" Match grade barrel and bushing
  • Bull barrels
  • Ramped barrel and bushing
  • Briley spherical bushing

Rifle / Shotgun Work

  • Complete AR-15 builds
  • Installation of various aftermarket components
  • Barrel work and various machining procedures
  • Action and trigger work
  • We cannot cut shotgun barrels for chokes